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Our focus is delivering and supporting client proven software solutions whilst pooling valuable vertical process knowledge with our partners.

ITIS is a growing company founded with a focus on Alarm Mangement strategies and solutions dating to 1998. Based on Industrial IT solutions and experience, our goal is to deliver solutions that help companies optimize plant performance and ensure secure reliable data delivery.

The core of our client base include Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pulp&Paper, & Building Automation industries in Scandinavia.


Alarm Management Solutions
Alarm & Event Historian supporting collection, interpretation, archive and standards based reporting.

Portal / Visualization Solutions
Web based solution supporting real-time & historical data visualization.  Supports data connectivity via OPC DA, HDA or ODBC sources.  Sample uses such as; trending, charting, notifications, reporting, and graphical displays


Broadest range of Industrial OPC connectivity based products and servers.
OPC Server Drivers
Data Management Solutions
Free Test Tools
Archive and Analytics



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Extend your Alarm & Event historian with tools designed to verify the defined Cause and Effect hierarchy has performed as expected during a shutdown.  Additionally, to verify safety valve movements in a plant.
Automatic Shutdown Analyzer
Valve Verification

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